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Student Learns to Blossom

Student Learns to Blossom

Da’Mylah came to us  discouraged and behind. But now she loves school and is caught up…..thanks to your gifts!


Friends like you made it possible for Da’Mylah to receive the encouragement and support she needed and access to a school where she can FLOURISH.


When we first met Da’Mylah, she always walked around with her coat and hood on. Her mother described this coat as her “shell.” Her mother wanted to find a place where Da’Mylah could blossom. 


“At my old school I felt like the dumb one. At my new school I feel like I am smart.”


Da’Mylah’s low academic progress was directly linked to how she viewed herself.


But that was before you decided to help! Your gifts gave Da’Mylah her chance to FLOURISH.

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