Christmans Unwrapped – Exposing Possibilities

(Day 4) – For those that are new to this thread, the Unwrapping Christmas is a challenge that we have given to ourselves in which we will share new stories about Providence School of Arts as a way of “Rejoicing in the Lord always.” (Phil 4:4)  Here’s day 4.

Exposing Possibilities

The summer arts camps were the first program that we launched as an organization. I’m not sure of how many of you know it, but it was not even my idea. Some great friends of mine, Cara Hampton and Micaela Barber, had the bright idea. They really wished that more kids in our community had an opportunity to experience the “JOY” of the arts. All of us were actively involved in the arts and knew a lot of people involved in the arts. So what would it look like to rally these resources  together in order to put on a really great program for kids.  Of course, I whole-heartily agreed with them and we began organizing this program.

In the summer of 2014, we welcomed 16 children to our first camp. Amongst this group was a young man named Rishon. He was very energetic and articulate for his age and had a natural knack for acting. For this particular camp, the kids performed readers theater staged by Cara.

Now let me tell you, there was not a day that Rishon didn’t read his lines with HEART and SOUL. This kid sounded like he was born and raised at Universal Studios.

So it got me wondering….”Did Rishon already take some acting classes?

So I asked his mom and surprisingly he had not. Now, I was on a mission to connect Rishon with an acting coach; he was too talented to pass up. Unfortunately, we were never able to find something that worked out.

Rishon returned to the Summer Arts camps for 2 more years. This was great for us because we could plan better what we were going to do. This past summer, we were able to feature him in our production of Young Pirates of the Caribbean where he played the main character, Jim. We were so excited to give him something in which we knew he was going to thrive in.

So now to the point of this story……..

Recently, Rishon and his mother decided to stop by the school campus. They saw that we had an open house and wanted to see our new space. How cool was that. So I went on “auto-pilot” and began sharing about our next summer arts camp because I thought my ideas were SUPER cool but quickly realized that there was more to this visit. After I got over myself :), Rishon said, “I got cast in my first commercial!”


I quickly looked to his mother for validation in which she quickly affirmed his statement. “I am so proud of you.” I said.

How cool is it to think about 2 ladies who wanted to share their time and talents with children that has over the course of 3 years exposed a child to a new possibility. But isn’t that how gifts work??? They provide us with more possibilities. Thankful that you and I get to be apart of it. 


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